Doing business the old-fashioned way is a wonderful strategy if it means you’re providing quality products and services for reasonable prices while treating your workers and customers fairly. But businesses don’t rely on typewriters and mimeographs to accomplish that anymore. Just as the telephone advanced communication beyond the limitations of the telegraph, VoIP has surpassed the capabilities of standard telephony. The cost savings and advanced features of VoIP make it an appealing choice for businesses.

1 Unless you have one office and all your customers and vendors are in the same area code, your company pays extra when your staff collaborates on a project, calls to check on an order, or contacts your clients.

2 The initial cost of upgrading equipment to switch to VoIP – if necessary – is negligible compared to the annual savings your business will experience.

3 Facilitate communication between branches, training sessions and project management with video conferencing, free inter-office calls and extension dialing.

4 Telephone business services offer advantages supported by VoIP like team conferencing, advanced voicemail, extra virtual numbers, and receiving and sending faxes from any workstation.

5 Streamline marketing with call mapping by knowing exactly where your products are generating the most interest.

6 Increase productivity and availability by adding portable functions like line-unavailable forwarding with distinctive rings and multiple location ringing.

7 Improve security and functionality by using one managed service provider for Internet, voice, video and data.

VoIP is a great choice for business owners concerned about the bottom line and their company’s ability to adapt and grow. Although VoIP is easier to incorporate into existing networking services, Network Data Services can assure smooth deployment if this is your business’s first step into managed IT services.

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