With Managed IT Services, your network will enjoy 99.9% uptime, and will be more secure than ever!

You went into business for yourself because you love what you do, you’re good at it. We get that. Unless you’re in business as a managed IT services provider, chances are trying to wrangle your own IT needs as your business grows ranks low on your list of things to love about running your own business. We get that, too.

At Network Services Group, managed IT services is what we do. When it comes to IT, we admit it, we’re nerds. We eat IT, drink IT, revel in IT, breathe IT, and most important for you, we love IT and we’re good at IT.  Which makes sense, because we’ve been doing IT since 1989, and we’ve grown up and matured right alongside networking and IT technology as it has grown and matured into a multi-leveled communications and workflow platform that connects you to the world wherever you are in the world.

Today, computers and IT networking technology is everywhere, and Network Services Group helps many clients just like you in ways that grow your business potential in ways that make sense to your business and your budget.

We make the connections that allow you to connect with your IT network quickly, securely, confidently, and it makes no difference if you’re in the main office, the branch office, or standing in a client’s office halfway around the world.

NSG will keep your network operational, secure, and monitored to head off trouble before it can give you trouble. We’ll keep you up and running and if a problem should arise, we’ll be on it right then and stay on it until it’s fixed.  When you partner with NSG for managed IT services, we do what we love so that you can do what you love. And what’s not to love about that?

Call Network Services Group at 501-758-6058 or contact us online. At NSG, we do IT everyday so you don’t have to.

Cyber criminals are no match for our advanced network security features!

It seems like every few weeks, the newest “largest data breach in U.S. history” takes place. Huge firms like Google, Yahoo!, and Equifax have had millions of account holders’ personal information exposed. You might wonder what chance a small business has at maintaining its network integrity, and you’re right to be concerned.

But you don’t have to despair! Our team at Network Services Group has spent decades providing IT support to businesses just like yours all across Arkansas. We got our start in 1984 as a telecommunications consulting firm, and branched out into computer networking. Over time, we became involved in data security became a new specialty, and perhaps the most important.

The world has changed by quantum leaps since those days, but one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to our clients. As we’ve met the technological challenges that come with change, a large part of our business has turned to data security and data recovery.

We start by adding a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server to your network that backs up your data on an hourly basis. The backups are also transferred nightly to our data center, and copied onto multiple servers for redundancy, and all data is protected with military grade encryption.

In the event of infiltration or a virus infection, we can isolate the problem and reload your servers with clean data from the latest backup of uncontaminated data, typically having you back in business in a matter of minutes! Our team work night and day to protect your data, so that you can rest easy and focus on growing your business.

If you have any questions, or are ready to schedule a consultation, Call Network Services Group at 501-758-6058 or contact us online.


Your company’s data is your most valuable asset. Let us help you keep it safe!

It seems that every day there’s news of yet another large data breach. Data thieves just hit Equifax, one of the big three credit reporting agencies to the tune of 143 million names, addresses, social security numbers, and even telephone numbers. A breach that big can make some people think a data breach is unstoppable.

At Network Services Group, data security is always our top priority. We’ve been around since the earliest days of networking, and we know that even the most sophisticated hackers are no match for a network that’s ready for them.

With NSG providing your network security, you’ll have your data protected from unauthorized access via an encrypted cloud backup system that backs up your data hourly to an onsite Network Attached Storage (NAS) system, and nightly to two offsite remote secure data centers, all secured with military grade encryption. We monitor your systems for unusual activity and block any unauthorized access before a hacker can get to your data.

In the unlikely event of a data loss or virus outbreak, we isolate, neutralize, and restore your data from the latest backup before the attack commenced. In fact, our data recovery system is so efficient and secure, we can often have you back on the network before you realize you were off the network to start with.

At NSG, we started in 1989, when networking speed was measured in bauds and gigahertz was a word engineers used in their fantasies. We grew up with the Information Superhighway, and along the way, we learned how hackers and data thieves get into a system. Over the years, we’ve gotten really good at staying ahead of cybercriminals, and our clients enjoy 99.9% network uptime!

Because networking systems continue to evolve and advance, those who wish to do harm will continue to find innovative new ways to try and circumvent your security, so our team of security technicians work constantly to stay at least one step ahead. You can take comfort that we treat your data like we treat our data, and are committed to keeping it safe.

Today’s competitive business world gives you plenty of things to worry about. Data security shouldn’t be one of them. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation, call NSG today at (501) 758-6058 or contact us here.

Worried about network security? Let us help!

In today’s digital age, an increasing amount of business is being transacted online, and it only makes sense for small business owners to take advantage of the convenience and mobility that comes with online document handling and storage. Unfortunately, the dark side of digital document handling is an increased vulnerability to computer virus attacks and cybercrime. You have to take a proactive approach toward data breach prevention, or run the risk of losing time, money, or both.

The good news is that cybercriminals are no match for people that are ready for them. Our team at Network Services Group has been helping small business owners since the internet’s infancy, and we’re a phone call away when you want to establish a truly secure network. Here are the answers to some of our most commonly heard security questions:

Who’s going after your files? Surprisingly little cybercrime involves sophisticated criminal masterminds with state of the art equipment. Your most common offenders are often disgruntled former employees whose credentials weren’t immediately revoked. There are also many individuals with a little bit of tech savvy and a lot of spare time that are more interested in bragging rights.

How do they access your data? Most hackers are surprisingly low-tech. With a little bit of research, they can often guess passwords, because people often use the names of their children or pets. Many times, they can get logins and passwords through phishing scams, where they will impersonate a bank or credit card company, and ask you to login to confirm certain data. Once you attempt to login, a third party site will trap your login and password. And sometimes you’ll get a phone call from someone sounding really official attempting to socially engineer sensitive information.

How can you protect yourself? Common sense is your best weapon against cybercrime. Invent a challenging password, and change it at least quarterly. The strongest passwords are random letters and numbers. Make sure that your antivirus definitions stay current, and if you ever doubt the authenticity of an email, pick up the phone and confirm that it was sent by the company that it claims. And if you must write down a password, be sure that it’s stored in a secure place.

For more information, or to set up a consultation, contact us online, or at 501-758-6058.

For the ultimate in security and convenience, make the switch to cloud-based file storage!

These days, one of the biggest concerns for businesses is data security. The files that you store on your computers often contain a lot of sensitive information, including names, addresses, social security numbers, financial data, and even operational details of your business.

Keeping this information secure is crucial, but it can be difficult, because the criminals will stop at nothing to get it. And you can’t afford to allow yourself be lulled into a false sense of security, because you think that your business is too small to be a target. The fact is, small businesses are a target simply because there are so many of them, many with security protocols that are easily breached (or nonexistent).

With Network Services Group in your corner, you don’t have to be a sitting duck for hackers who want to steal your files or plant with a virus in your system. NSG’s cloud services securely back up all of your data on an hourly basis, and back it up to the cloud every day. All files can be easily retrieved by authorized users, and are secured with military grade encryption. In the event of a system outage or a loss of data, you’ll quickly be back up and running in with little or no interruption in your operations.

At NSG, we’ve been involved in computer network security since 1989, and we’ve grown up with the Information Highway. You might say we know every bump in the road, and we’re well equipped to guide you around those bumps so you’ll have a nice, smooth ride.

Hackers are no match for companies that take the right precautions! Call NSG today at 501-758-6058 or contact us online and sleep easy knowing that the IT professionals at NSG are watching your back.

Think you can’t afford an IT department? Think Again!

One of the greatest keys to success as a small business owner is watching every dollar, and figuring out ways to do more with less. You have to determine which expenses are absolutely necessary, and which ones are expendable.

Unfortunately, many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that IT services are something that they don’t need, or can’t afford. They do, and they can! Our team at Network Services Group has been central Arkansas’ leading managed IT service provider for decades, and we’re ready to show you how affordable that managed IT services can be! The way that it works is simple: managed data services are affordable, because multiple companies share the expense of an IT department, and only pay for the services that they actually use. Most companies don’t need a full time employee on the payroll, but when there is an issue, it’s not always a one-person job to resolve. Here are a few of the key advantages of managed IT:

99.9% uptime-Staying connected is priority number one for virtually every company in the world. It doesn’t matter if you run a small boutique business or a Fortune 500 company: if you’re not connected, you’re at the mercy of your competitors that are. We work with over 35 telecommunications companies to make sure that network outages are both rare, and short.

Secure Document Management-We’ll set up a secure Network Attached Storage (NAS) server that will keep your data protected. All of your data will automatically be locally backed up on an hourly basis, and backed up offsite every night. But it doesn’t stop there! Your information will also be redundantly backed up at multiple sites, and protected with military grade encryption.

24/7 Live Helpdesk Support-All of our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that our phones are always answered. We’re able to resolve most issues over the phone, but if it requires an onsite visit, we’ll be there!

At NSG, we take pride in our partnerships with small businesses, and we have a service plan to fit even the leanest budgets. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact us online, or give us a call at 501-758-6058.