Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

For business offices to expand, they have to constantly find ways to improve processes, and cut costs. Telephone service is an important part of running an efficient operation, but too many business owners are resistant to make changes, because they fear that they can’t afford them. Here are a few reasons to consider an upgrade:

  1. Phone service needs change over time. As your business grows, so does your need to keep your workforce connected. Your phone system needs to be flexible enough to handle a business that is expanding to add more employees and worksites. Additionally, some businesses have a workforce that increases or decreases on a seasonal basis, and may be able to save money during the lean months by reducing the number of lines of service.
  2. The ability to handle increasing call volume. A growing business can expect to experience growth in the amount of telephone calls it receives. Calls that are not answered or returned in a timely manner can mean lost revenue, and customers may not have the patience to call back when they get a busy signal.
  3. Existing hardware may be out of date. The ways that we communicate continue to change, and if you are using outdated office phone equipment, you may not be prepared.
  4. An increasingly mobile workforce. Fewer and fewer workers sit at a desk all day, and many might not have a desk at all. A combination of landline and wireless service is the standard for most businesses, and the systems need to integrate seamlessly. Businesses should have the ability to connect customers with any employee at any time, without having to force a customer to write down a cell phone number and make a second phone call.
  5. Service rates change often-Telephone service has evolved from a single phone company to numerous companies that are in fierce competition with each other. It may be to your advantage to switch service packages and/or carriers

Network Services Group specializes in bringing clients and service providers together to create telephone and network solutions that will keep a team connected, and keep service costs reasonable. Give us a call at (501) 758‑6058, for a free, no obligation evaluation of your business communication needs. Upgrading office phone equipment and services is more affordable than you might think, and our service consultants are waiting for your call!


It’s hard to believe the Internet is already 40 years old. No matter where you look, your world is connected like never in human history. Communication from Taipei to Topeka or Minsk to Minneapolis is instant, clear, and as easy as calling the house next door.

Our homes can now communicate with our phones to tell us something’s amiss, and we can even see what’s happening in our living room from thousands of miles away with an Internet connection. Our cars are capable of sending us an email to tell us the oil needs changing.

Unseen in keeping these lines of communication moving freely are literally trillions of lines of code that keeps computers talking to one another. And when these lines of code have a glitch, the computers stop talking, routine tasks become much less routine, and in 2015, that spells trouble.

Since 1989, Network Services Group has grown with the Internet from a small company helping computers talk to each other to one of the premier managed services providers in Arkansas, providing IT support to thousands of clients across a broad spectrum of business and industry that keeps Arkansas moving ahead.

In a world built on networking, business network help is our business. And as complex as our business can be, our mission is simple: we keep the lines of communication open that keep your computers communicating and keep your world happy.

Call Network Services Group today to make sure your business is ready for business in 2015. Our professional, knowledgeable staff of IT techs have years of experience to keep you operating for years to come, whether your needs are simple or complex.

Conveniently located in North Little Rock, we’re just a phone call away at 501-758-6058. Or contact us online here where you can submit a service request or chat with one of our knowledgeable, courteous IT professionals. And if you do experience an IT emergency, we’re there for you whether it’s 4 p.m. or 4 a.m. because no matter the time of day, we’re not happy until you are.

Whether you need a voice system or data system or a total package, Network Services Group is there for you. Network Services Group. IT is what we do.