Five Tips on Keeping your Computer Network Up and Running Smoothly

Your computer network is maintained through a delicate balance of various factors that can affect it, and because your systems depend upon that network, maintaining the balance is critical. At Network Services Group, we cut our teeth building those early networks of two or three computers and a printer all working in tandem, and today we build networks that communicate across the globe.

Our business is keeping those networks healthy, and to that end, we’ve put together these five tips to help you keep your network running smoothly:

  1. Keep it Cool:  High temps have sent many, many computers and peripherals to an early grave. Processors generate heat and internal fans and heat sinks help a lot, but keeping a consistent room temperature between 60 and 75 degrees ensure the fans can do their job.
  2. Keep it Dry (but not too dry): Too much humidity promotes corrosion, which increases the resistance of electrical components, leading to critically high operating temperatures. Too little humidity allows static buildup which can lead to a static discharge, risking damage to sensitive components. 50 to 70 percent humidity is optimum.
  3. Keep it Clean: Dust clogs air vents and internal components, acting as an insulator to allow heat buildup, which is great for cooking ribs. Computers? Not so much. Compressed air and feather dusters are your friend.
  4. Keep it Clear: It doesn’t matter how great the environment is for computers, sooner or later you have to let people in, and that’s trouble. Especially when they bring in plants, pictures, radios, coffee cups, books, magazines, heaters for cold days, fans for hot days, you name it. It’s perfectly fine to have all that stuff as long as it isn’t placed near (or on, or spilled into) the computer hardware. Just like people, computers need space to work.
  5. Keep it Maintained: For a complete managed IT solution, including disaster recovery and backups, National Services Group is your one stop shop. We’ll monitor your network 24/7 for external threats while you keep the above named internal threats under control. And, should something go awry, your data is safely backed up hourly, then offloaded daily to remote, secure servers, locked down under military-level encryption and ready to have you up and running in no time should disaster strike.

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