Prevent Your Network from Being a Sunk Cost – & Never Gamble with Your Data

Despite research proving quality business network services produce results like increased efficiency and higher profits, many continue to delay much-needed system upgrades. Often included in these upgrades is the addition or enhancement of backup and disaster recovery – an even higher-stakes gamble.

Many SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) refrain from exploring their IT options in an effort to prevent a sunk cost. But the attempt to save often ends up becoming a self-defeating effort, as many don’t realize the financial benefits of partnering with a professional, modern business network services company. This is particularly true when it comes to data backup and recovery, which are included in most data network services.

Perhaps you’ve become numb to the horror stories about data loss and its potential effects on businesses. But consider these compelling (and recent) statistics:

  • 90 percent of businesses that lose data as a result of a disaster close up shop within two years.
  • Companies without a disaster recovery plan have a survival rate of less than 10.2 percent.
  • Less than half (44 percent) recover data successfully after losing it.
  • 53 percent of businesses never make up losses from a disaster.

A recent survey of SMBs shows the most common culprit of disasters (nearly half the time) is a power outage. Other causes include accidental deletion, employee mistakes, virus/malware, and application failure.

Now that we have illustrated why it’s so important, let’s get to those financial benefits we mentioned:

  • Implementing a streamlined IT plan eliminates waste from unnecessary applications, features, etc. With a solid plan, you always know what your IT is doing – and where your money is going.
  • IT inevitably will continue to play an integral role in the framework of successful SMBs, making that efficiency more important than ever.
  • Modern IT companies like Network Services Group (NSG) make it possible to institute disaster recovery plans that may cost less per user than older technology without disaster recovery support. Implementing such a plan can reduce IT costs by up to 35 percent.

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What Can a Virtual Phone System Do for Your Business? More Than You Might Think…

While most business owners have at least heard of virtual phone systems, some have yet to explore this option when performing telephone equipment and networking upgrades. Network Services Group (NSG) believes part of this apprehension likely stems from a simple lack of knowledge about how these systems, referred to as virtual PBX (private branch exchange), will affect day-to-day operations.

First, we’ll offer a brief explanation of what virtual PBX is and how it works:

  1. A hosted PBX is a different type of switchboard system used for a business’ telephone service.
  2. Some use on-premise PBX systems, although this option continues to head toward obsoletion, largely because businesses have to manage and maintain them.
  3. A hosted PBX system is based on cloud data storage. In other words, employees access a virtual PBX using the internet.

Now, here are some of the benefits your business could realize with a virtual phone system:

  1. Hosted virtual PBX systems are managed and maintained by a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service provider.
  2. Experienced companies will negotiate with these providers on your behalf, ensuring you always get the most for your dollar out of this rapidly changing technology. (NSG works with 35 telecommunications providers.) This is just one way in which these systems can save your business money.
  3. Virtual PBX, or cloud PBX, doesn’t require business owners to invest in hardware.
  4. Not only do they free your employees from managing a hardware PBX system, your business receives all the advanced features of a comprehensive business VoIP service, many of which aren’t available with traditional systems.
  5. You’ll have all these calling options and other benefits at a more affordable cost than your traditional PBX system. Using VoIP services with a cloud PBX can save your business up to 70 percent on your monthly telephone bill.

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