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Technology is great. At least, it’s great when it works. But when your computer stops computing, your network stops networking, and when all those myriad connections come unconnected, it’s more than frustrating. It can be a nightmare as everything shudders to a halt.

Look at your computer network like a traffic network in a large city. Freeways route the big stuff in and out quickly, service roads provide access onto and off of the freeways, and in turn connect to parkways, streets, boulevards, and avenues. Everything in your network depends upon a smooth flow of traffic from one end to the other. An interruption in one place can create problems that ripple through the system, much like a fender-bender at busy intersection can snarl traffic for miles.

When that happens, it takes someone with intimate knowledge of computer networks to clear the road and get things moving.

That’s why Network Services Group (NSG) came to be.

NSG Managed IT Services replaces your IT headaches with smooth, seamless IT service that hums along in the background of what you do for living, enabling you to do what you do without hiccups, interruptions, or worry. Plus, our Backups and Disaster Recovery system is second to none and designed to keep you secure. Your data is backed up hourly and uploaded daily to our server, which itself is backed up to an out-of-state server, and all of it made secure with military level encryption. That ensures your data is safe should your network suffer a disaster via nature or mankind.

At Network Services Group, our experienced and professional team of IT techs have traveled every back road, every express lane, every detour, and dealt with every roadblock there is on the Information Superhighway. We know how to keep your data safe, private, and moving where it’s supposed to go, whether internally on your network or globally on the World Wide Web.

Serving Arkansas since 1989, we grew up with computers; we eat, sleep, and breathe Information Technology. That’s why our business is helping businesses just like yours take which is how and why we built our business to help businesses like yours take care of business while we take care of IT.

Give us a call today at 501-758-6058 or contact us online and you can rest easy knowing the dedicated professionals at NSG have the knowledge, the experience, and the 24/7 dedication to transform your IT problems into IT solutions.

Because at NSG, we do IT all day, every day.