These days, one of the biggest concerns for businesses is data security. The files that you store on your computers often contain a lot of sensitive information, including names, addresses, social security numbers, financial data, and even operational details of your business.

Keeping this information secure is crucial, but it can be difficult, because the criminals will stop at nothing to get it. And you can’t afford to allow yourself be lulled into a false sense of security, because you think that your business is too small to be a target. The fact is, small businesses are a target simply because there are so many of them, many with security protocols that are easily breached (or nonexistent).

With Network Services Group in your corner, you don’t have to be a sitting duck for hackers who want to steal your files or plant with a virus in your system. NSG’s cloud services securely back up all of your data on an hourly basis, and back it up to the cloud every day. All files can be easily retrieved by authorized users, and are secured with military grade encryption. In the event of a system outage or a loss of data, you’ll quickly be back up and running in with little or no interruption in your operations.

At NSG, we’ve been involved in computer network security since 1989, and we’ve grown up with the Information Highway. You might say we know every bump in the road, and we’re well equipped to guide you around those bumps so you’ll have a nice, smooth ride.

Hackers are no match for companies that take the right precautions! Call NSG today at 501-758-6058 or contact us online and sleep easy knowing that the IT professionals at NSG are watching your back.