Businesses rise and fall based on their ability to be flexible and profitable. Investing in business technology is often the best method to ensure a company succeeds at both. Unfortunately, managed IT services are the last thing owners choose to utilize when they are thriving. But it’s often the first thing they have to spend money on to recover after it’s too late to secure their data. Before discounting the benefits of hiring your own managed IT services provider, consider the following:

1 Employing a tech savvy work force is a double-edged sword. It reduces the need for initial training that could leave the company’s system vulnerable later. Skills used in today’s environment of social media and 24/7 connectivity will not necessarily translate into the caliber of computer literacy required to keep your business information safeguarded.

2 Businesses are expanding the ways their employees can be productive. In 2012, thirteen million tablets were purchased for commercial use. As this trend grows, managed IT services will be a necessity for many businesses, regardless of their size. To keep their agents connected and constructive, organizations are opting for cloud storage, because it maximizes their ability to retrieve, share and process their integral files.

3 Companies are the least proactive when faced with managing digital work product. It’s a devastating oversight. Forty percent of businesses file for bankruptcy within twelve months of an outage lasting four days. Preventing a catastrophic loss is the easiest approach. But owners are reluctant to acknowledge they are ill-equipped to devise a strategy to back up their data and maintain it, so that an unforeseen disaster doesn’t negate all their hard work. A building can be rebuilt after a fire. Eight years of customer data is irreplaceable.

Not every operation can afford to of develop and sustain their own IT department, and, even if it’s feasible, it’s rarely cost effective. In today’s market, it’s more important to save your time and resources to stay competitive and excel in your particular field.

That’s exactly what a professional managed IT service provider enables your company to do, and what Network Data Services has done for businesses in Central Arkansas for 18 years. Call us at (501) 791-7900 or contact us by using our online form to see what we can do for your business.