There are several factors to consider when selecting your business phone services, whether a small startup or large corporation. In fact, your company’s size plays a key role in determining what type of managed phone system you need.

Network Services Group (NSG) has an extensive portfolio and deep roots in telecommunications. Since its founding in 1989, NSG has maintained its initial focus of delivering quality products, telephone systems, and outstanding customer service.

But we also evolve as the needs of our customers change and the pace of technological advances in the industry accelerate. We now serve thousands of companies of all sizes in Arkansas.

Choosing the right managed phone system is vital because it remains one of the easiest ways to communicate both internally and externally – and it is essentially your lifeline to customers.

What you should know about business phone services:

  1. Consider whether the size of your staff is likely to grow – and when. This will help determine the solution you’ll need to support your plan.
  2. Decide what features are essential, and use that list when comparing systems. Consider whether you’ll use a receptionist or auto-attendant for incoming calls, and whether you’ll need conference calling, call forwarding, voice mail, etc.
  3. If you have or will have multiple locations, you will require a different solution than one for a single office. Some systems require hardware in each physical location, and you may be able to use different types of systems if locations vary in size.
  4. Consider what type of technology is available and appropriate. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are the two most common systems. Many businesses are moving to VoIP.
  5. Test options like adding new lines, programming new features, and removing ex-employees. This will help you choose a user-friendly system and reduce ongoing service costs.

Whether you have a few users or a thousand, NSG gives you all the capabilities you need, delivered as a cloud service or a complete on-premise system. Call 501-758-6058, or contact us here for more about our business phone systems or IT managed services.