There’s a reason – well, more than one – that the employee with the newest laptop isn’t responsible for your network security and data management. Despite today’s tech savvy workforce, there is no substitute for a bona fide managed IT service provider. NDS is that tried and true provider for first-class managed IT services in central Arkansas.

We offer unique IT solutions tailored to your business. Factors like size, industry, and workforce structure could be barriers to other providers, but NDS treats each one as an opportunity to hone our services to suit you.

NDS can provide as little or as much support as you need to make your business successful. This gives our clients IT services they can afford on any budget.

Scalability is not just a trendy marketing technique. It’s become an integral part to controlling costs in a fluctuating economy. We actively seek products and services that scale properly to offer our clients.

Our capabilities run the gamut. From server maintenance and simple hosted services to vendor support and disaster protection – or recovery, depending on when you call us – we have an IT solution for your business.

Service isn’t the only thing we customize to your specifications. We offer on-demand maintenance and secondary support for a flat rate with no contract. We know our customers understand the value of competitive pricing and plenty of options.

We are a locally owned and operated business. We focus on Little Rock and the surrounding area to ensure our clients receive the personal service that you expect from anything with “service” in the description. When you call us about a problem or need a creative solution, you don’t have to wait 20 minutes on the phone just to speak to a stranger.

Business owners are often amazed at what they can do with what they already have after getting a little help from a competent managed IT services provider. NDS has developed a keen ability to help our clients do more with less: less overhead, less downtime, and less concern about maintaining that professional image and superior service for your own clients. We’d like to know what we can do for your business. Call us at 501-791-7900 or contact us on our website for any of your voice or data needs.