Every minute your business is open is time that you’re spending money. Overhead and employee costs are expenses a business owner can anticipate, but they must be balanced by sales and productivity to stay in the black. As the leading provider of business IT support in Little Rock, NDS helps you capitalize on three key opportunities to remain profitable.

1 Learn the value of uptime by evaluating and minimizing the cost of downtime. Two varieties of downtime exist in business. The obvious is when the network is offline or programs aren’t functioning properly causing work to grind to a halt. Managed IT solutions are usually acquired with these situations in mind. But downtime isn’t comprised of unexpected problems alone. Distractions are abundant at every work station that has a computer. A value-added service of IT consulting is being able to control employee access to work related content. The benefit is two fold: efficiency is increased and so is security, leaving your business less vulnerable to either type of downtime.

2 Emergency service is available when you need it — not just when you’re open. If your system goes down, you need a quick and decisive response to get everything back on track, regardless of the time or day. Instead of coordinating the efforts of five different service providers, let NDS troubleshoot and repair the issue. We can diagnose and take care of hardware malfunctions, server disruption, software integration and security threats to your network. And because we’re monitoring your service every day, most issues are prevented, and your focus continues to be your customers instead of technical problems.

3 IT expenditures are predictable. It’s not a flashy advertisement, but it makes budget planning a lot simpler. NDS offers flat rate IT services for small business to help your company overcome obstacles encountered while dealing with rapidly changing technology. It’s an exceptional way to gain an advantage when you plan for expenses or gauge profitability. You know exactly what services to expect and what it costs you. That kind of transparency and reliability are difficult to find from any vendor.

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