Many people don’t understand cloud computing services, and there’s no impetus for them to embrace the capabilities the cloud offers. But business owners are dealt another set of concerns, and they could be at a disadvantage if they don’t consider every option that maximizes profit and efficiency. A cloud services provider can deliver both.

1 Save, secure, and supervise your data with time and space saving backups to the cloud. Your intellectual property, client files, and accounting records will never be threatened by Mother Nature or random catastrophe, because your data will be protected off site.

2 Enhance your staff’s productivity without spending huge sums on new hardware and software for everyone. Use the cloud to connect your employees with each other for instant messaging and video conferencing, regardless of whether or not they sit at a desk in the office.

3 Free your team members, especially sales representatives, to work hands-on with your customer base in the field using mobile devices, and know all the work they could accomplish at the office will still get done while you save on overhead costs.

4 Get the most return for your investment by using a cloud computing service. Updating and networking an entire office is sometimes cost prohibitive. But the cloud is accessible regardless of operating system, so you don’t have to absorb undue expenses. By switching to an Internet based system, you can effectively transition your capital expenses to operational expenses.

5 Thrive on the flexibility the cloud has to offer. Your business can ebb and flow naturally with the economy and the trends in your industry using the cloud because of its unsurpassed scalability. You can increase usage as the need arises, but, better yet, your can pay less when your business doesn’t require as much operational space in the cloud.

It’s important to clarify a common misconception. The cloud has become a popular new phrase, but there’s nothing new about the technology it utilizes. Standard issue office hardware has finally caught up to the potential already there. And when a business has all the tools to be better and faster, it’s an opportunity that cannot be wasted.

Network Data Services is a cloud services provider that cures all of the IT needs of small businesses. Our solutions help businesses continue doing what they do best, without having to worry about technology related issues.

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