Your business faces new challenges on a daily basis. Many of the obstacles you face today are technology related, due to the rapid advancement of the cloud and the convergence of devices. Perhaps you have limped along to this point, but as technology becomes more and more prevalent, your needs for professional technical support are increasing. Here are the top five reason why you need professional business IT support now:

1 Insufficient Technical Support It is very common for businesses to get in a bind with a malfunctioning printer, network, or Internet connection. Without an IT support partner, these issues can last for days and keep your staff distracted from normal work duties. Meanwhile, your business isn’t slowing down, and work continues to pile up.

2 Lack of IT Strategy As a business leader, you must select the right hardware and software solutions. There is no shortage of options, and no matter how hard it may seem, you must make the right purchasing decisions. You don’t want to find yourself a year from now learning that the solutions you bought are not flexible enough to meet your needs. You need an IT strategy that will enable your business now and is flexible enough to allow your business to grow.

3 Security Failures Whether or not your network contains secure data, such as trade secrets, patient records, or credit cards, a security failure on your network poses a serious threat to your business. Malicious hackers are pervasive in the world, and will stop at nothing to disrupt your company’s infrastructure. Your network needs to be configured properly and employ the correct safety devices to prevent a security breach.

4 Poor Backup Strategies 40% of businesses file for bankruptcy within 12 months of an outage lasting 4 days. Data loss is perhaps the most dangerous threat to your business. We have dealt with many companies who thought they had a good backup strategy, only to find that their backups would not have been fully effective in the event of a catastrophe. Just having a simple backup plan is not enough. Your business needs a comprehensive backup solution that will work smoothly and flawlessly after a disaster, when you need it the most.

5 Virus & Spyware Exposure Viruses and spyware are rampant on the Internet. A bad decision by one of your employees who clicks an unsafe link on a website or clicks the wrong “Yes” button can cripple your entire network. These types of problems can be prevented with proper planning and by having the right tools in place for the protection of your systems. Your company’s infrastructure needs to remain free and clear of these types of threats.

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