Choosing business IT services can be overwhelming for some business owners. The questions you have may not be the ones you need to ask to get the best value for your dollar. When you decide your business needs managed IT services, consider these tips to ensure you get the best service available:

1 Ask every company that wants your business if they can tailor a solution for your business. What’s the focus of your industry? Can their plan accommodate growth, mergers, or downsizing? Do their applications meet your time-to-market demands?

2 Don’t be misled by that opening pitch, as it could be a curveball. A service provider that’s more intent on providing services to take your money rather than solutions that save you money is not on your side.

3 People are the core of every business – even an IT business. Choose a business that has invested in a first-rate staff and tasked them with staying sharp and knowledgeable in the quickly changing world of technology.

4 Be proactive and demand nothing less from your managed IT services provider. Disaster clean up should not be their biggest selling point. If it is, they’re not doing their job on the front end. Your system should be actively monitored and protected by several levels of network based security.

5 Look to providers that offer voice and data services. You may only need one right now, but if your business needs change you’ll already have a partner you know and trust to help you with the transition later.

6 The right tools are useless unless your employees know how to use them. A service provider should also be able to train and update your key staff members to ensure the system operates at its full capacity.

If you’re searching for these qualities in a Little Rock managed service provider, call NDS at 501-791-7900 or contact us on our website. We have several tiers of service and flat-rate solutions geared toward small- and mid-sized businesses in central Arkansas.