Business owners overlook their IT system as a dynamic feature of the office. Like employees, vendor relationships, and customer satisfaction your tech infrastructure requires attention and responsiveness to continue to serve the business and contribute to its success. Here are five ways to manage your IT system to promote reliability and prevent downtime.

1 Don’t get stuck on the idea that the right equipment means new equipment. This affects a lot of business owners’ decisions about their network IT support. You don’t have to start with new equipment. You just have to start somewhere and commit to prioritizing new equipment when needed.

2 See beyond the desktop. The infrastructure supporting all the work flow generated by your employees is often out of sight, out of mind. This is a critical error for many small businesses. The right components will determine how much info your system can handle and how quickly.

3 Take cyber threats seriously without being intimidated by them. This is another area where owners are hesitant to make a decision because they’re unsure which solution is the best. Every company must actively protect itself from viruses and malware with a strategy comparable to its exposure.

4 Don’t get too comfortable. All the best safeguards cannot replace proactive monitoring. While you’re doing your best to stay profitable and competitive in you industry, someone needs to be reviewing server event logs, firewall activity and filtering data to anticipate bottlenecks in the system that slow your work flow.

5 Partner with a reputable network service provider. If you have doubts about your operation’s ability to handle any of the tasks of day-to-day IT support, enlist a professional. Technology has provided many applications touted as DIY tech support, but they are only as effective as the user makes them.

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