Computing has changed the way companies had to think in so many ways. Businesses need many different technologies to compete in today’s competitive market. As a decision maker, you’ve experienced the cost of IT. Computer desktops, laptops, printers, networking devices, projectors, and tablets are all capital expenditures that businesses face. Of course, you must not forget the most important piece of your IT puzzle — IT support.

Productivity often suffers for businesses who in-house their IT support. If your IT is supported by one of your employees whose primary job is not IT, that employee’s productivity can be diminished when problems occur or computer network maintenance is necessary.

Your business may be large enough to sustain a dedicated human resource to IT. But, does your business plan account for an entire staff of IT folks as your business grows? Technologies are becoming more and more complex, which requires on-going education for IT personnel. The convergence of technologies — phones, computers, Internet — poses an even larger problem for your in-house IT, as these technologies often requires special knowledge and expertise. These are issues that can create a huge sunken cost for businesses with on-staff IT.

Other businesses may employ an IT solutions provider to help with problems on an hourly basis. This break/fix model can create chaos with unpredictable costs and a less-than-satisfactory experience with your IT vendor. Planned IT maintenance (such as software patches and hardware upgrades) may unexpectedly cause problems on your computer network, requiring the technician to stay longer to fix on the problem. In those situations, you may receive a huge invoice from your IT agency. As the decision maker, you know that your business needs to be able to operate within a budget, with predictability in your IT support bill.

Network Data Services is a provider of managed IT solutions. Managed service providers, like us, give your company maximum systems uptime by providing a consistent level of service on a flat monthly rate. Our ITCC Program (IT Core Care) has proven effective for hundreds of organizations in Arkansas, because we provide an unmatched level of support and uptime for our clients. Network Data Services employs the best IT team in the area, with a mission to guarantee uptime and have 100% client satisfaction.

To learn more about our ITCC program and our managed IT solutions, please contact us by calling 501-791-7900 or by filling out the form on our website. We would love to hear from you!