When you have problems with your computer or your data network, you always call Karen for help. She gets there as quickly as she can, and even though it often takes her some time, she almost always manages to resolve your issues. But the trouble is that Karen was hired to do a completely different job, and the time she spends dealing with computer problems is interfering with the time that she has to perform her regular job tasks.

Does this sound like your company? Many businesses feel like they’re too small to need IT or network management services, and choose instead to rely on that one employee that’s “good with computers.” Unfortunately, that decision often costs companies more in terms of lost productivity than they’d spend paying a managed service provider to keep their network running! Our team at Network Services Group offers small businesses the benefits of a full-time IT department, and we keep our services affordable by allowing companies to share the expense. It’s called Managed IT,  and it’s much more affordable than you think.

We start by installing a secure server and exchange system with network attached storage. Your system will fully integrate your email, file management, and scheduling systems, and you’ll enjoy 99.9% uptime with lightning-fast connection speeds. And the system is scalable if your company is growing, or employs seasonal help.

During off-peak hours, software updates and antivirus definitions will be automatically downloaded and installed. Each morning, your employees will have the most current versions of all software, and won’t have to sit around waiting for files to download. In addition to hourly onsite file backups, your files will be backed up offsite, and protected at all times with military-grade encryption.

Finally, at NSG, we don’t just set up the network and say goodbye. All of our clients enjoy 24/7 telephone helpdesk support, and onsite support as needed. We know how devastating that network outages can be for a business, and when they happen, we’ll have you back online right away.

Don’t keep thinking that IT services are something that you don’t need, or can’t afford. You do, and you can. Schedule your free consultation here, or give us a call at (501)758-6058 if you have any questions!