When Microsoft rolled out Windows 8 last year, it was their biggest leap forward since Windows 95. Although it was met with the discomfort of some fans of older operating systems, it has been embraced as an effort to bring Microsoft back into consumer-friendly, modern tech for everyday people. Before you give up trading your start button for a start screen, here are some of the quirks that are really perks for new Windows 8 users.

  • Touch interface increases ease of use using the same core gestures we’ve all learned on our smart phones.
  • Off the shelf USB 3.0 support
  • Live tiles that reveal what’s happening while your apps run in the background The lock screen also allows customizable tiles that run in the background to show you the updates you want while you’re not actively using your laptop or device.
  • Tighter integration with cloud services when you link to your Microsoft account — which will bridge to your laptop, tablet or phone. Access your personal settings on all of them by syncing your settings.
  • Snap view is an invigorating take on multi-tasking. Let one app run in a preset smaller portion of the screen while you focus on your main task at hand.
  • Pin applications to your start screen for superior customization, and then customize your apps even more to suit your business or personal needs.

Windows 8 does not necessarily reflect where desktop users are now, but it is something that can take them where technology is headed. Does the typical business owner need a touch screen to run an office? No, but we never thought we’d be updating our portfolios on our phones, either. And look what else we can do with those phones now. Regardless of your next step in navigating tomorrow’s tech today, call NDS at (501) 791-7900 or contact us by using this form to see what we can do for your business.