Business owners scrambling to keep up with rapidly changing technological demands may be weary of hearing about the importance of partnering with a network services company.

With that in mind, Network Services Group (NSG) understands it is also important to explain why reliable data services for businesses are necessary for success. Many technology trends cannot be ignored:

  1. While the phrase “paradigm shift” sometimes is used inaccurately, in terms of technology services it is not. The convergence of mobile devices, social business apps, and business analytics with cloud technology is indeed changing the game. Some compare these technological advances to the Internet revolution in terms of economic impact. Businesses must adapt to these changes – and they need reliable service providers to remain competitive.
  2. About 35 percent of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) use outsourced IT services, allowing them to take full advantage of new technologies. Enhanced mobility, productivity, collaboration, and information analysis will see that trend continue. IT budgets are increasing along with demand for mobile devices, BYOD, cloud applications, and big data. With reliable data services for businesses, companies can focus on what they do – and leave technical aspects to the experts.
  3. The use of cloud services, particularly among SMBs, also is increasing. This growing demand is attributed to the appeal of highly capable technology, now available without requiring in-house resources or costly upfront expenses. While smaller businesses largely adopted cloud applications first, midsized businesses are following suit.

Trending Tech Tidbits:

  • Of technology services provided worldwide, SMBs purchase 44 percent (approximately $874 billion in 2012).
  • The average SMB technology budget was $192,000 in the first half of 2013, a 19-percent increase from 2012’s second half.
  • With 61 percent of SMBs using cloud services, an estimated 18 to 41 percent of technology budgets were spent on them last year.
  • On average, SMBs operate more than four cloud applications and plan to add more.

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