With the continuing growth of network technology, small business owners no longer have to think small. It’s now possible to connect with customers anywhere in the world, and it’s also possible to collaborate with colleagues in real-time, no matter where they are. And, thanks to next generation technology like VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), staying connected is now more affordable than ever!

VOIP is a process of converting analog voice data into a digital signal, which is transmitted over the Internet in real time. VOIP works by either converting your existing telephone hardware, or replacing your telephone consoles with VOIP-ready hardware. VOIP is managed by an internet-based Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) cloud data storage system that requires no physical hardware.

The cost savings of switching from a traditional landline system to VOIP can be quite significant, due to stiff competition in the market. NSG works with 35 different telecommunications providers to negotiate the most affordable rates for our clients. In fact, many clients who have switched to VOIP report up to 70 percent savings over their existing telephone bill.

Most importantly, VOIP can do everything that traditional telephony can do, and so much more. Your systems can be configured to ring simultaneously on several devices. You can make calls from a laptop, or forward a call to a mobile phone. Conference calls can be set up easily to an unlimited number of sites, with no reduction in signal quality. And VOIP can send a digital copy of voicemail messages to your email. And, as new features become available, they can be easily integrated into VOIP phones, usually requiring no new hardware purchases.

VOIP is the future, and our team at Network Services Group is available to answer any questions you have. Give us a call at 501-758-6058, or click here for more information. Let us show you how you can get your team better connected, and slash your phone bill in the process!