Everyone knows that computer systems and the Internet have advanced, seemingly at a lightning pace, with commonplace capabilities that were unheard of just a few years (or even months) ago.

But, what about the lowly landline?

That may be how we think of it but there’s nothing lowly about it, and as often as not, it isn’t even a landline. Business telephone services encompass a wide variety of systems and types of operations which render visions of the old desktop handset as obsolete as “The Phone Company” of decades past.

At Network Services Group (NSG), we specialize in providing you with the most up-to-date business voice services, but instead of forcing you to fit into a handful of plan options, we tailor your options to how you do business. That way, you get the services you need without having to pay for the ones you don’t, and you can have your system reconfigured as your business grows and your needs change.

Chances are, if you have a conventional type of business phone services contract, you’re spending money on a plan that doesn’t fit as well as it did when new but, because you’re stuck in a contract, you have to make do with because there’s no one to negotiate with. At NSG, it’s a point of pride that we are as unconventional as possible, because that enables us to save you money by negotiating on your behalf should a lower rate become available.

Whether you opt for a cloud-based or on premise telephone solution, NSG can provide businesses of any size, large or small, with the modern, sophisticated voice system needed to provide you with the capabilities you need without weighing you down under a lot of features you aren’t going to use. Our experienced techs design, implement and maintain business telephone systems that support your business, not weigh it down.

Call NSG today at 501-758-6058 or contact us online and we can have you paying less for more, whether replacing an existing service or building a new one from the ground up.