Modern business is more mobile than ever before. It’s commonplace for business owners and employees to take calls from clients on their laptops at the local coffee shop. Voicemail is read in email messages, and smartphones are linked to the company line.

All of this is done through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP office solutions have become very popular – and for good reason – although some business owners remain on the fence as to its reliability and quality. While glitches may have been common a decade ago, today’s VoIP products and services are leaps and bounds beyond traditional landline-based systems.

Especially with an IT partner like Network Services Group, it’s time to consider ditching your hardwired phone system. Here’s why:

  1. Hardware and software for VoIP has evolved. Service providers typically offer hardware that is internet protocol ready, a feature that greatly enhances voice quality. You can also connect your business phone to your smartphone, desktop, and laptop.
  2. VoIP for business can shave a substantial amount off your telecom budget. Prices have lowered significantly due to provider market saturation. NSG will compare and order the best solutions for you (for VoIP or traditional phone services), and often save you money by negotiating with carriers on your behalf.
  3. Productivity is very likely to increase due to new capabilities. For instance, VoIP systems can be configured to ring simultaneously on several devices. They can also be set to route incoming calls first to the business phone and then to a mobile device – so you can stay in touch in and out of the office. This feature renders a potential phone system failure practically obsolete.
  4. With a hosted or virtual pbx option, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the phone system. This option allows the vendor to troubleshoot issues, set up the system, and deal with any IT problems that may arise. A VoIP system offers advantages that greatly outweigh any disadvantages for your business.

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