With countless Microsoft enterprise solutions, finding the most effective IT package for your company may seem daunting. Network Data Services is committed to providing a custom fit for your business. Here are what we feel are becoming some of today’s top solutions:

1 Microsoft Cloud — Throw out the idea of computing as a traditional hardware product. Microsoft’s Cloud platform delivers technology as a service, with software and information provided via network. Remote servers (“the Cloud”) store data, which is accessed via web browser or mobile app. Want to create a more flexible office, connect email and calendar features, or increase real-time communication? Step into the Cloud…

2 Microsoft Excel — Though it’s software you probably use daily, what you may not know is that with Excel, you’re sitting on a mountain of lucrative data. Analyze, manage and share information like never before by turning raw data into interactive reports. Make more profitable decisions using new analysis and visualization tools that track and highlight key data trends.

3 Microsoft Office Web Apps — Your employees can be in a warehouse, stockroom or even in another state and still access everything they need. Web apps are easy to use on any browser-based device. These web apps are online companions to the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications your business is already using. You can share and work on documents with others online.

4 Microsoft SharePoint — SharePoint is a collaboration software that simplifies business intelligence, content management, search and sharing for intranet and Internet sites. This Microsoft enterprise solution allows you to set up sites to share information, manage documents from start to finish and publish reports for better-informed decisions.

5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM — This online customer relationship management solution enhances sales by providing in-depth insight into customer data. Improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales and enrich customer service interactions with this easy-to-use system.

NDS provides a range of hosted cloud services. For email, server, SharePoint, website hosting, or related services, we can offer you a custom configuration. And we provide 24/7 support — period. Contact us on our website or call 501-791-7900 to get started.