In today’s business world, just like always, business is built upon relationships (it’s no accident that so many deals are made on the golf course). Those relationships bring business to your business and make it function by keeping the wheels moving in the right direction. The origins of those relationships are simple: People talking to people, to new people, to more people, in an ever-widening network of relationships.

Ethernet technology wired computers together in those early networks (relationships) and Internet technology has widened those networks to new levels, enabling networks (relationships) to form that span the globe.

That’s why it’s so important to have someone who understands IT, who REALLY understands IT, involved when your business takes on a project. The project may not revolve around computers and networking but that doesn’t mean computers and networking won’t be involved with your project. Because in today’s world, if your business isn’t connected, you may as well not exist.

So, it’s vital that nothing happens to make the computers stop talking. No line of bungled code. No overwhelmed CPUs with heatsink issues. No blips, blinks, or burbles taking your data to oblivion.

If the people in your office stop talking to each other it will drive you up the wall. If the computers stop talking it will drive you out of business.

In 1989, a tiny business calling itself Network Services Group got its start by connecting computers so they would talk to each other. A couple at first, then three, add a printer, then two, fast forward to 2015, and NSG is one of the premier managed IT providers in Arkansas, offering IT management, VoIP, and Backup and Disaster Recovery. Having grown up with the Internet we understand the complexity of those networks is for a very simple purpose, to keep the lines of communication open.

When you bring NSG on board for your project, you get an IT consultant that understands more than just how to connect the dots. We understand why.

Call Network Services Group today at 501-758-6058 and open the lines of communication. Or you can contact us online and your computer can meet our computer. Isn’t that how all relationships start?