Computers have revolutionized the modern workplace, and are almost as important to the success of your business as your employees. They keep a workforce connected, expedite collaboration, manage client information, and generally make a business more productive. On the flipside, we all know that downtime can be extraordinarily frustrating, and can often result in lost revenue.

Some companies have the benefit of one or more dedicated IT professionals on staff, but most small businesses do without because they don’t think they need one, or don’t think they can afford one. They do, and they can. The good news is that small business owners can easily have the resources of a full team of computer experts for business productivity applications, without having to take on additional payroll.

Network Services Group offers a wide variety of business IT services, including backup services, cloud-based server and exchange hosting, and 24/7 help desk support. Most services are handled remotely, but in the event that an onsite service call is required, we’ll have a technician there right away, day or night. 

Managed IT service is a great way for a small business to minimize downtime, and manage IT costs. NSG has a team that will help you set up your network, keep your hardware and software up to date, and protect you from viruses and malware.  Most importantly, we’re a phone call away any time that you require tech support. We pride ourselves on forming lasting partnerships with our clients, and your business goals are our business goals. 

For more information, click here, or call us at 501-758-6058, and let us help you keep your computers online, at a price that you can afford!