“What do you mean that’s not supported by Windows XP?!?”

There’s that breaking point in every office worker’s career when you hang up on the support technician that’s trying to help you. It’s like you’re speaking two different languages: you speak Small Business Owner and they speak IT. There’s a better way to do business when you need help with your Microsoft network support. These tips will help you choose the right IT solutions provider – and, yes, they do Windows.

1 Instead of dialing a random number on the Internet, start locally. That’s not to say you have to blow the dust off your old phonebook, but it would be a good start. If your phonebook is leveling the table in the break room, start your search for businesses that share your area code.

2 Ask them what other products they sell. Choose someone that doesn’t only do dedicated Microsoft sales. Your business is unique. Maybe you need something different than what’s offered in the MS line of products. Your provider shouldn’t be obligated to sell you something that’s not right for you.

3 Be candid about the money you want to spend, and see if they can help you find the right services for your needs and hit your price points. Microsoft tiers their service plans; your provider should too.

4 An IT service that has quantified its Microsoft expertise will have a Gold or Silver Partner designation. These providers offer support for all your Microsoft components -– from networks to apps –- and will optimize your work flow.

5 An experienced MS provider will also be able to offer you trials of the next big thing like Microsoft 365 to see if it performs the way you need it to before you have to invest in it. If you do like an application or service enough to sign up, your IT partner will handle the deployment, staff training, and any problems that pop up three or more months down the road.

If you’ve hung up on a Microsoft customer service rep within the past year, it is past time for you to call Network Data Services at 501-791-7900 or contact us on our website. We focus on Little Rock business owners just like you who demand the high quality personal service you can only receive from a dedicated, local provider.