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As many rely on Microsoft enterprise solutions for their companies, Network Services Group stays well-informed of all of the latest features and updates. We want our customers to get the most from their Microsoft business network – period.

Here are just a few advantages of Windows 8 for businesses, including updated features in Windows 8.1. The update introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience, and networking capabilities.

Bring Your Own Device

  • A new Workplace Join feature eliminates all-or-nothing domain access by allowing users to work on devices they choose while still accessing corporate resources. With this feature, IT can grant some access, but still enforce certain restrictions on devices.
  • With Work Folders, employees now can keep local copies of work on their devices and for access from other devices, with automatic sync to your data center. Your IT professionals can enforce Dynamic Access Control policies on the Work Folder Sync Share.


  • Microsoft has added support for a broader range of its virtual private network (VPN) clients, including Windows and Windows RT devices. In addition, apps now can automatically prompt VPN connections.
  • Broadband tethering is enhanced. By turning your Windows 8.1 mobile broadband-enabled PC or tablet into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, you can allow other devices to connect for internet access.


  • More control over corporate information is achieved by marking it as corporate, encrypting, and then wiping it when the corporation-user relationship ends.
  • Malware resistance is enhanced with Windows Defender, the free antivirus software in Windows 8. It now includes network behavior monitoring, which is designed to detect and stop the implementation of known and unknown malware.

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