Whether you run a large high-tech firm with hundreds of employees, or a small boutique business, you count on computer networking for communications, record keeping, and so much more! That’s why you should insist that your data services provider will do whatever it takes to keep your team connected.

Most small businesses are lean operations that don’t require a full time IT professional, but this shouldn’t suggest that they don’t have service needs from time to time. And rather than risk a costly service call, they’ll put people hired to do different jobs in charge of fixing the problem. And when they can’t solve their service issues on their own, they’re often forced to make a service call anyway, after having wasted valuable time that could have been better spent servicing their customers.

Our team at Network Services Group is ready to show you just how affordable that it can be to have a full team of IT professionals on call any time that you need them! And the good news is that you’ll only pay for the services that you actually use! The way that managed IT works is simple: the expense of an IT department is shared by multiple businesses who all pick and choose the service package that is the best fit for their company. Our services include VOIP telephony, server and exchange hosting, secure online data backups, and 24/7 helpdesk and/or onsite support. We’ll work with you to determine the services that you need, and can have your new network up and running in a matter of days!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need IT services, or that you can’t afford them. You do, and you can! Managed IT is one of the best ways for a small business to “think big,” and once you’re set up, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it! We’ve been providing managed IT consulting services to businesses in central Arkansas since 1989, and we owe our longevity to our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction! Schedule a free, no obligation consultation now via our online contact portal, or give us a call at (501) 758-6058 if you have any questions!