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This year’s Interop conference recently was held in Las Vegas. It is an exclusive networking event for professionals to examine the industry and the direction IT is heading in the future.

There was much discussion concerning many issues. But we’ve narrowed it down to three topics that seemed to create a common theme, in terms of what consumers can expect in 2014.

  1. A mobile workforce is no longer an idea – it’s a reality. Your company’s IT team should be focused on embracing this mobility. One mistake to avoid, however, is dictating the technology workers can use. Instead, experts suggest offering employees choices in technology approved for work.
  2. The cloud is rapidly emerging as the dominant model for delivering services. The movement was spurred by the Software as a service (SaaS) market, which allows companies to use applications and software through a web browser. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is predicted as the next major cloud adoption, allowing businesses to outsource their compute processing and storage needs. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a method of building and running applications in the cloud.
  3. Industry experts say data centers will continue to be necessary, but there is an enormous demand for distributing processing on a global basis. In a cloud-based environment, the network must be able to evolve and handle the load from a world of connected devices. One technology for accomplishing this, which was spoken of at great length, is through a relatively new networking model called software-defined networking (SDN). More companies are developing SDN products, but it remains a fragmented market.

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