Like many companies, you didn’t have the budget for a full-fledged IT department but you did have some in-house networking knowledge to draw on, so you took what you had and ran with it.

Unfortunately, what works to put a small network together in the beginning can wind up as a tangled mess as your needs grow. Think of it like this. When your network consisted of three machines, Bill in accounting connected them, and it was good. Because Bill was handy like that.

But, when you needed to add a machine, Bill was gone, so Joan from sales was able to figure out Bill’s work and make the proper connections.

Fast forward 10 years and Fred (mailroom), who set up the email system is hiking the Himalayas in search of truth, Brice (accounts receivable), who tied the printer into the network, retired to a coffee plantation in Panama, and Freda (receptionist), who connected the new phones, was recruited by the CIA to design covert communications monitoring systems from a nondescript building deep inside an undisclosed location near a bar where nobody knows her name.

In the meantime, your network, cobbled together by a half-dozen people who never met, has collapsed under the weight of all that chewing gum and baling wire. An IT nightmare is born.

If you think our attempt at humor isn’t funny, you’re right, because we aren’t comedians. We’re IT professionals and the above scenario is anything but funny, especially if it happens to YOUR business.

Regardless of the state of your network array (or disarray) Network Services Group can help. Our depth of knowledge and experience can turn your IT nightmares into a dream come true.

We offer Managed IT Services that are second to none, with a Backups and Disaster Recovery System guaranteed to keep your data safe from virtually anything man or nature can throw your way. Our Voice and Data Carrier Services will catapult your communications to the next level, where you’ll pay less for more instead of more for less.

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