To say technology has changed the face of business is an understatement. And one aspect – the merger of voice and data – rapidly is becoming a necessity for today’s companies to stay relevant.

Arkansas-based Network Data Services will keep you up-to-date with the latest (and most cost-feasible) technologies, including mobile devices, teleconferencing and VoIP phone systems. We offer a full range of services, from installation to support and maintenance, tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

Still not convinced? The proof is in the pudding:

1 The portability of mobile devices, like tablets, allows users to work at home or while commuting effortlessly. They’re often used during client visits and in non-traditional work settings also.

2 The marriage of voice and data has been embraced by traditional offices as well. Companies use teleconferencing and VoIP phone systems, to name a couple, every day. A recent article in Forbes noted American Airlines provides tablets to flight attendants to do everything from take food orders to check on connecting flights. And doctors use tablets to check patients’ records while making rounds.

3 VoIP phone systems allow you to combine voice and data into one, easy-to-use service. For example, your system can be configured to forward your office phone to your smart phone, allowing you to use your Internet connection to make and receive calls.

4 Combining all your communications quickly will prove a more cost-effective solution. Simply by adding voice capability to your already existing data network, you immediately reduce costs because now you need to manage – and pay – for only one network connection instead of two.

5 This technology isn’t going away – about 30 percent of the information worker sector alone is mobile. They use three or more mobile devices and work from several locations, according to Forrester Research, which predicts tablets will triple to 905 million in use for work and home globally by 2017.

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