As a business owner you know the importance of Information Technology in keeping you connected to the world while keeping your data secure from both mishap and misdeed. Not every business can justify keeping a full-time IT department on staff, but that doesn’t mean IT is any less important to them. It just makes budgeting more of a challenge.

Unfortunately, one serious data breach, computer virus infection, or hardware failure can seriously tax the IT budget for many companies, leaving them vulnerable to subsequent events, unable to go through with planned upgrades, or even subject to long delays in planned expansions. Not to mention the havoc that will rain on your world should your data be lost.

Network Services Group (NSG) knows how important your business is and we can help you keep IT costs under control without sacrificing the security of your computer network and the data it contains. Because that data is everything that tells your business it is a business, meaning, if your data doesn’t stay intact you don’t stay in business.

With Managed It Services from NSG you don’t have to go it alone. For a flat monthly fee, we will proactively monitor your network, maintain it, and provide the best IT support in the business.

Plus, our Backups and Disaster Recovery will keep your data secure with on-site backups every hour, offloading it daily to a network of secure, offsite servers, and secured with military-level encryption. That not only means your data is safe from disaster and prying eyes alike, it means you’ll sleep better knowing you’ve got a handle on IT costs as well.

Because we grew up with the Internet, we understand the Information Superhighway, how it functions, what it means to businesses just like yours, and how to keep you in the fast lane and out of the ditch.

Call Network Services Group today at 501-758-6058 or contact us online and sleep better tonight.