Microsoft is making every effort to be competitive as a cloud computing service provider. Some of their past ventures were not well received (because they were before their time,) but they have revamped their platform to feature some great benefits for small to midsize businesses. Here’s why 2013 is the year to make the change to Microsoft Office 365.

1 Microsoft is sunsetting many of its popular on-premise products as it makes a shift to cloud based programs. Office 365 is a comprehensive alternative for customers still using applications destined to be phased out.

2 Free apps for Android and iPhone connect you seamlessly to your workflow wherever your business takes you.

3 All of the office programs are integrated with SkyDrive so you can save your files to the cloud as easily as you would save them to your desktop.

4 Office 365 was launched in 2011 and went through some growing pains as the wrinkles were smoothed out. In early 2013, Microsoft did a complete overhaul to address concerns about user-friendliness and more functionality.

5 Browser compatibility was improved in the overhaul. Even fans of Chrome and Firefox can now enjoy the same first class spam and malware filtering that IE users enjoyed with earlier versions of Office 365.

6 Company wide security management tools are effective and reliable with 365’s Exchange Online Protection. EOP is integrated at the datacenter to provide the same level of filtering for your Outlook Web App or mobile devices as you would get at a desktop.

7 Microsoft allows open licensing for Office 365 which enables your MS partner service provider to handle all your 365 billing, services and troubleshooting. This promotes a more personalized experience for businesses than typical interaction with MS support.

Because of the many configurations of Office 365 available, Microsoft’s enterprise products have increased by nearly four fold. To ensure your business gets the features and functions it needs to succeed, call Network Data Solutions at 501-791-7900 or contact us on our website. We are ready when you are.