We’ve all been there. Few things are more terrifying than a computer crash during an important project – particularly when that crash could cost your business substantially due to downtime, data loss, and other headaches.

Enter Network Services Group (NSG), an expert in network management services, among others. Our experienced team has worked in – and evolved with – the industry since our founding in 1989, now serving thousands throughout Arkansas.

While some problems are best left to IT pros, we’d like to share a few common crash culprits and how you and your employees can prevent them:

  1. Most people realize by now that you simply cannot work online without a quality anti-virus program, which should include an anti-spyware feature. Spyware can install harmful malware as you work online.
  2. Do not open suspicious emails – particularly attachments from unknown senders – or visit questionable websites. These actions make your computer more vulnerable to infection.
  3. Scheduling regular defragmentation and hard disk clean-up helps your computer operate more seamlessly, as will a frequent systems check. And keeping your system updated improves security.
  4. Check your applications to be sure you aren’t running too many programs for your system to handle, which can cause a crash.
  5. Keep your computer clean and well-ventilated, with enough space to allow proper air circulation. Avoid overheating, particularly if working on a laptop. Many devices contain fans to cool systems while in use.

You’ll love having NSG as your partner, particularly as it relates to handling – and preventing – crises:

  • Our support techs respond to hundreds of after-hour requests each year – and they do it within a half hour. Others sometimes claim to provide 24/7 support but don’t deliver, a problem you’ll never experience with us.
  • NSG is flexible in the techniques we use to address IT problems, as we are trained in the most advanced methods for solving any issue.
  • Hands down, we provide the best backup and disaster recovery planning and administration.

Set your mind at ease – partner with the best in Little Rock network services. Call 501-758-6058, or contact us here for more information.