Under ideal conditions your office should get along well. No fighting, no bickering, and no holding up the flow while the work stacks up. But sometimes, in the real world, real world conditions take over and with just one misunderstanding it all lurches to a halt.

We’re talking about your computer network, by the way, not your employees.

Because it only takes one glitch in the system, a misconfigured router, a line of corrupted code, good old-fashioned human error (the dreaded 1-D-10-T code) or even a mouse (a real one, not the one on your desk) making a snack of your wiring to introduce your entire office to the Stone Age. Or least to the 1970s when people only saw computers on TV during moon launches and Star Trek reruns.

Which, now that we think about it, was the Stone Age. 

When the system goes down, regardless of the reason, all you know is you need the system to go back up, and fast. And until it does, the pressure is on.

At Network Services Group (NSG), we make it our business to keep your business network running smoothly, efficiently, and most important, without interruption. With NSG as your IT management partner, we’ll configure your network to keep the flow moving smoothly and, if there ever is a problem, we’ll be right there working to get it solved and get you back up and running quickly. 

And should the worst happen, the NSG Backup and Disaster Recovery System has you covered with onsite backup of your files and transactions hourly and a daily transfer of data to an offsite secure server protected with military level encryption. A spilled drink, virus attack, earthquake, tornado, or just about anything else that could happen won’t destroy your data.

Give us a call at 501-758-6058 or contact us online and let our team of professional IT technicians show you why Network Services Group is one of the most trusted names in IT in Arkansas. At Network Services Group, we’ve been turning IT problems into IT solutions since 1989.