With the news that fully two-thirds of Americans recently had their data exposed in what may be the largest security breach ever, data security is a topic that can no longer be ignored: Your business simply has too much at stake to leave your data unprotected.

If you haven’t taken adequate steps to secure your company’s data, you’re taking a big gamble with a deck that’s stacked against you. Late last year, Yahoo! had 1.5 BILLION user accounts compromised in two separate breaches, the largest theft of data in history.

At Network Services Group, we take your data security seriously. By utilizing our cloud services, your data will be backed up hourly to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server located on site. Once a day, backups of your NAS are sent to our Data Center and copied redundantly on several secure servers. We also copy the entire daily backup to a second data center located out of state.

By utilizing “the cloud,” you have the advantage of onsite and offsite backups that are secured with military level encryption. Your data will be protected from hackers, severe weather, sabotage, viruses, and clumsy employees. And, should the unthinkable ever happen, you can recover individual files and folders within minutes. With our detailed recovery plan, you’ll have your entire infrastructure, data and operating system back to normal with minimal work flow interruption.

At NSG, our team of technicians have grown up with the internet, and we’re Arkansas’ top provider of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, IT management, and disaster recovery. Network Services Group has been managing IT networks since 1989, when the information superhighway was still a one-lane dial-up dirt road, so you can rest assured that we’ve learned a few things about data security over the years.

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