Are you a coding wizard with a passion for elegant solutions? Join our team of developers and turn complex challenges into digital magic with NSG.


Why Work Here?

“We Care, Great Team, We are making a difference, Awesome place to work!”

About the Job.

We are growing extremely fast and we are looking for great team members. You will be part of an awesome team that develop tools that our technical support team and clients use. We provide a unique IT support experience to our clients because we aren’t afraid to be different. We run screaming from technical stereotypes and our primary focus is developing a strong relationship with each client so we understand their people, their business, their goals, and what it takes to make them love their IT support experience. We know how to take care of our clients — not just their computers.

Working with us.

NSG’s unique service experience starts with our team. Working at NSG means working really hard, enjoying our successes, and still having a life outside of the job. We look for a culture fit above all else with each new hire. Natural customer service ability is important in every position — almost as important as common sense. We are really good at technology stuff but we cover that up with actual personalities. We feel that a strong customer service experience starts with humility and confidence.

A killer Developer – someone who gets along well with both our team and code

We are looking for a person with exactly the right combination of interpersonal skills, technical skills, and common sense. You would be responsible for helping develop tools that our technical support team and clients use. You will be working with other full-stack developers creating some amazing tools. We need someone who can work on a team and think creatively. We can’t stress enough that we are looking for someone with the humility, personality, and customer service skill that is not extremely common among those who get along well with computers.

Specific Experience Required

If the terms Git, creativity, innovation, analytical, concentration, problem-solving, and focus are meaningless or make you anxious, this probably isn’t the job for you. We would love someone who has previously worked in a Git environment.

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • PHP

Cloud Services

  • Azure
  • AWS

Server Stack

  • Redis
  • Nginx
  • MySQL and Postgres
  • Docker and Kubernetes

Version Control

  • GitHub
  • GitLab


    • Medical Insurance
    • 401K – Matching
    • Unlimited Vacation and Sick Time
    • Vacation Bonus
    • Gym Membership
    • Working with a team that cares 🙂
    • We like to eat! Catered meals weekly.

    How to apply for this job

    We get a lot of job applications and unfortunately most of them get nothing more than a quick once-over. Please include the usual – a resume and a cover letter, and anything else that will show us that you are interested in and qualified for this specific position. Tell us stories. Show us as much as you can about who you are – not just where you’ve worked or how many hours you’ve spent playing Fortnite. Make us panic about the fact that we haven’t already hired you. Oh and don’t forget to tell us your favorite toppings on a pizza.

    careers at nsgdv dot com