You only have to look at the headlines to know that if your business’ network security isn’t high on your list of priorities, it’s high on someone’s list. If your unsecured data hasn’t been compromised, it’s probably only because no one has gotten to you…yet.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make when considering their IT security is thinking that data breach prevention is just a concern for the big boys. But when it comes to data theft and computer virus attacks, hackers go by one mantra: no job is too large or too small. If you use data (and who doesn’t?), you’re a target.

It helps to fully understand what a data breach is to truly understand the risks. A hacker breaking into your network to steal or damage files is a data breach that most people understand. But a data breach can also be as low-tech as someone accessing unauthorized information on an office computer because an employee didn’t keep his password safe, or even someone seeing information they aren’t supposed to have by reading over your shoulder. So, not only does your external security need to be as solid as possible, your internal controls must be thorough as well.

It stands to reason that if IT isn’t your business, you may not know all of its ins and outs, and what you don’t know definitely can hurt you. That’s why Network Services Group is the go to IT provider for businesses in some of the most important industries in Arkansas, including the automotive, medical, and financial industries.

We not only design your system around your business, we protect your data with hourly onsite backups, which are uploaded daily to remote secure servers for redundancy. And, for added protection, our data center’s files are also copied daily onto a remote server located out of state, with every bit of it protected by military grade encryption.

Don’t leave the security of your data to chance! Contact Network Services Group online at this link, or by calling 501-758-6058 and let us show you the peace of mind that total network security protection can provide!